Omari Hardwick Admits What He Wouldn’t Have Done To Charlie Murphy Had He Known He Was Dying

Posted On : May 17, 2019

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Power star, Omari Hardwick, is speaking out about something he regrets doing to his former Power co-star, Charlie Murphy, even though his actions were not intentional.

As we all know, when comedian/actor, Charlie Murphy, passed away in April 2017, to all of his fans. Little did we know at that time though, it was also a shock to those who knew him personally as well.

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Omari was among that long list of those who were unaware that he had a life threatening illness, during the time he filed his last work, which was on Power. On the hit series, Murphy played a correctional officer who had it out for “Ghost” (Omari Hardwick), during “Ghost’s” prison stint.

In a new interview on Hot 97, Omari revealed why he now regrets how their scenes played out, now that Charlie has passed away.

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