Deion Sanders & Ex’s Daughter Looks Nothing Like This Anymore..She’s Way Older Now

Posted On : October 17, 2017
Throwback pic of the Sanders family (Facebook)

Ever since 2008, when NF legend, Deion Sanders and his then wife, Pilar Sanders, first appeared on their reality TV show, Deion and Pilar Sanders: Prime Time Love, we’ve watched their kids- sons, Shilo, Shedeur; and daughter, Shelomi, grow up. Although their show only lasted one season, most fans never forgot about just how young their kids were at that time.

Then a few years later Deion and his current girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds (Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmond’s and Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife), surfaced with Deion’s family on Deion’s Family Playbook. During that time, we saw Shelomi maneuver in a house full of big brothers, who sometimes worked on her last nerve, LOL and she was so adorable.

Deion’s & Pilar’s Daughter Now

Fast forward to now and Shelomi has just reminded all of us of just how Old School we really are. It’s been a while since many have seen her and all of a sudden, it seems like she’s grown up over night! She’s officially a teenager now at 13 years old and she is morphing into her momma’s clone right before our eyes.

Shelomi Sanders now, at 14 years old (Instagram)


Deion and Pilar Sanders ‘ daughter, Shelomi

She and her momma also are love rapping to Cardi B.’s songs…

And of course the mother and daughter who glam together, stays together…

The Unfortunate Family Drama

Now that we’ve gotten over the original shock of just how fast father time just flew by, we can’t talk about Deion and Pilar without filling y’all in on their latest unfortunate drama.

At the present moment, their 17 year old son, Shilo, and daughter, Shelomi, have chosen to live with their mother permanently. In case you missed our prior report, Pilar recently revealed that after Deion was originally granted full custody of their 3 kids a few years ago, she fought to gain full custody of two of them and she’s working on the third one now.

From the looks of the fun times Pilar posts on Instagram, their three kids are loving the time they spend with their mother.


Meanwhile, we checked the kids’ social media pages for any signs of their father, and the only one who posted anything about Deion in recent times is Shedeur, the one who is coached by Deion at Trinity Christian high school in Texas.

Learning from the best .

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Deion and his kids were extremely close, but according to Pilar, things have changed in their family dynamic. She revealed to DailyMail that the kids pretty much don’t appreciate how Deion had her jailed a few years ago, for not returning them to him at the court mandated time. Ever since then, she says they’ve never really gotten over that.

Pilar also revealed that she’s just won her appeal in the $2 million defamation lawsuit Deion won against her a while back. He sued Pilar after she publicly claimed that he’d abused her during their marriage.

Sports Are In Their Blood

No matter what the Sander’s are going through, there’s one thing the kids cannot deny – they were blessed with their daddy’s athletic genes. All three of them are soaring at sports. Shilo is a BEAST on the football field at the quarterback, cornerback, and punt return positions:

Shedeur is NICE with his hands at the starting quarterback position at his high school…and he’s only a freshman:

Shelomi and her volleyball teammates have just signed on to compete in a nationwide Skyline Juniors volleyball tournament. She’s a highly skilled at the sport from what we’ve heard:

Congrats to my baby @shelomisanders

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Overall, the Sanders kids are growing up and coming into their own. We wish them a wonderful, prosperous journey from here on out. Whatever they’re going through with their dad, will hopefully soon be conquered and healed with love.