OMG! Eddie Levert EXPOSES His PHONE CONVO w/Trump For Wrongly Using OJays Song

Posted On : January 31, 2017

Soul music legend, Eddie Levert, is continuing to show that he will NEVER back down from his words, nor his opinions – even if it’s the president who has a problem with it. As we previously reported, The O’Jays were hella angry that Trump jacked their song, “Love Train,” and illegally used it for his RNC convention last year (in 2016). When the O’Jays released their public statement at that time, Eddie said “I don’t agree, whatsoever, with Trump’s politics to the point where I think he just may be the anti-Christ.” Well now, Eddie’s exposing the phone convo’ he had with Trump and his team soon afterwards. Let’s just say, it wasn’t well received…


fb eddie levert2 In a recent interview, Eddie Levert revealed that he actually called Trump after hearing O'Jays' song was used at the RNC. After getting Trump's and his team's reactions, Eddie's tone went from cordial, to 'I wish a mutha---- would!' type levels. See what Eddie said went down>>>

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