“Girlfriends” Actress Has An Adorable Child With A “Temptations” Movie Actor

Posted On : August 19, 2017
Golden Brooks who played “Maya” on “Girlfriends” sitcom

ILOSM family remember actress Golden Brooks,who played “Maya” of the hit early 2000’s sitcom, Girlfriends? Her role was as the sassy friend to the characters played by Tracee Ellis Ross (Diane’s daughter), Jill Marie Jones, and Persia White.

On the show, “Maya” was a married housewife and author, but in real life, Golden was dating a known actor at the time. Although the two are no longer together, they did produced what they are most proud of and treasure with all their hearts- their precious, now 8 year old daughter.

So who’s her baby daddy, you ask? He’s none other than actor, D.B. Woodside. Remember him? Most of us, Old Schoolers, first became familiar with D.B. when he portrayed Temptations base singer, Melvin Franklin, in the classic Temptations biopic miniseries.

Golden Brooks and D.B. Woodside (via Facebook)

Ever since then, we’ve seen D.B. do his thing in many TV shows and films, including the VH1 series, Single Ladies; the Fox drama series, 24, and he’s currently starring on the Fox hit series, Lucifer.

(L) Temptations movie actors; (R) The real Temptations (via Getty/Facebook)

Well little did many of D.B.’s and Golden’s fans know, they were a couple back in the day, but kept their relationship on the low and out of the public’s eye for the most part.

D.B. shared this throwback photo of his daughter, whom he says always has him in full bliss…

These days D.B. is still heavily in the acting game, while Golden Brooks seems to have taken a breather from the industry for a while. When she’s not acting, it’s clear to see that both she and D.B. are all about their little girl. Golden recently shared a few pics from their daughter’s very first fashion design pop up shop. That’s right, their little mini me is a fashionista in the making…so cute (swipe left below)…

Just another little known fact about two entertainers we dig from the Old School.