OMG! Here’s Why Erykah Badu’s & D.O.C.’s Daughter Has Everyone Talking Right Now

Posted On : June 25, 2017

Erykah Badu has three wonderful children by three super talented rappers. Okay, no new news there, right? We know. But what is new news, is the fact that her daughter- with former Ruthless Records rap legend, D.O.C.- is turning out to be so much like her Moms and Pops, it’s crazy scary.

Throwback pic of Erykah Badu with her daughter, Puma, and the father of Puma, rapper, D.O.C.

Why Everybody Is Talking About Erykah’s Daughter

Puma, the 12 year old daughter of E. Badu and D.O.C., just set the internet on fire after her mom just posted a throwback photo of herself, alongside a recent recreation photo that Puma made of the younger version of her Moms. The resemblance is undeniable and it’s also a reminder of how fast time is flying quicker than we can say “call Tyrone.” All it took was for Puma to get a hot comb ran through her beautiful natural hair and a lil’ lipstick, for us to see that she is growing up hella fast right before our eyes. Here is the photo comparison and caption Erykah posted of she and Puma on social media…

@erykahbadu: Improvement on a design. Puma likes to re do my old photos. 💜💜💜💜💜💜and we ARE smiling.

Then Erykah said she wanted to be fair to her baby daddy, D.O.C., so she pointed out a feature Puma got from him as well…

@erykahbadu: Ok I’ll be fair…She got her smile from her dad. 😊#theD.O.C.

Three things we were reminded of after seeing Puma now:

  1. Time waits for no one.
  2. D.O.C. couldn’t deny Puma, even if he wanted to.
  3. Erykah, the beautiful natural, earthy songstress once rocked a perm and shares the same center mold with her lovely daughter.

Lawd! We’re getting old y’all, but we wouldn’t trade the years of wisdom for the world, right? By the way, in case y’all missed our previous report about Puma’s singing, she’s got for real SKILLS! Check out Puma’s video that went viral below and be prepared to be amazed at what Erykah and D.O.C. created, they’re very proud, as they should be…