OMG! James Evans’ Real Life Daughter Is Following In Her Pops’ Footsteps! Who Knew?!!

Posted On : June 30, 2017
John Amos a.k.a. ‘James Evans’ from Good Times

John Amos may be his real name, but even though its been more than 30 years since the last new episode of Good Times aired, he’s still James Evans to most of us. Over the years, he’s also been deemed the ideal Black father with his take-no-mess persona who a dad who’ll love you through the rough times and give you a serious beatdown if you come at him wrong.

Most of us Old Schoolers (especially those of us who didn’t have our real dad’s around) wanted a Pops like ‘James Evans’ back in the day. Years after Good Times, he was still known for his no-B.S. dad. That’s partly due to some of the classic scenes from Good Times that are still circulating through cyber world and ‘James Evans’ is even the face of many comical memes about Black parenting.

Another cool, yet honorable about the ‘James Evans’ character, was his relationship with his children. C’mon now, y’all know ‘James didn’t play when it came to his kids. He was also extremely protective of his only daughter, ‘Thelma.’ But apparently, actor John Amos’ relationship with his REAL daughter, Shannon Amos, isn’t much different. Like ‘James Evans,’ John Amos was and continues to be very involved in his children’s lives (he also has a son, whom you can learn about here).

Meet John Amos’ Daughter, Shannon Amos

In fact, it looks like Shannon Amos is following in her Pops’ footsteps, by being entrenched in the entertainment field. Fans may not know but Shannon is heavily involved in production and she has a love for film and acting, just like her father.

Shannon owns the Atlanta and Los Angeles-based production company, Afterglow Multimedia, LLC. and her company is actually responsible for several national TV commercials for The Gap, Nike, and Lincoln Mercury. As a former Creative Executive for Warner Bros., Shannon also contributed to the success of films like the Academy Award-winning Blood Diamond and Letters from Iwo Jima , along with box office hits like Harry Potter and The Bucket List.

Good Times actor, John Amos with his daughter, Shannon and son, K.C.

As a certified vendor for a number of major television networks, Shannon’s production company’s client list ain’t too shabby neither, it consists of popular television networks, such as TV One, ESPN, BET, MTV, and Turner Originals. Shannon even had the privilege of directing her Pops. Back in 2008, the two were working together to launch a reality series and Shannon was named the Executive Producer of the series.

Shannon is a product of the veteran actress’ second marriage with his ex-wife, Noel J. Mickelson. Together, they had Shannon and her brother, K.C.