Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore’s Son Just Graduated & Is Almost Grown..Must See

Posted On : June 28, 2017
Singers/former husband and wife, Kenny Lattimore and Chante’ Moore

Singer/former R&B Diva, Chante’ Moore, was married to “For You” singer, Kenny Lattimore for nine years. They jumped the broom on January 1, 2002 in Jamaica and unfortunately things didn’t work out, so they ended up divorcing in 2011.

Their divorce was a nasty one and we got to witness some of the aftermath of it on national TV, as Chante discussed it during her time on the reality show, R&B Divas, a few years ago.

Their Son, K.J. Now…

Kenny and Chante probably can’t quite stand to be around each other for long periods of time, without bitter feelings coming up. But the blessing they both will forever be grateful for- in regards to their prior union- is their 14 year old son, K.J., who just made his parents tremendously happy for his graduation in early June (2017). Check out how big their seed has gotten, he’s the same height as his Pops now…


It’s a beautiful thing to see the three of them smiling these days because it wasn’t that long ago (in 2015) that Kenny was on The Tom Joyner Morning Show putting Chante’ all the way on blast over how she’s parenting their son. Apparently he had a major problem with Chante’ publicly revealing, on R&B Divas, that she was very hurt by the fact that he was taking her to court to try to gain full custody over their son. Kenny also expressed, in his interview, that he does not approve of her discussing matters involving their child with the public, out of fear it may do more harm, than good to their son:

Kenny on Chante’ starring on R&B Divas: “I really thought that whole thing was a mistake. It was reckless and it was irresponsible to me and it heart a lot of people. It hurt my son and I just…I’m not a big fan of that at all.”

TJ: Is that why you all broke up?

Kenny: “No, that reality show came like two, three years ago. I think that you know, people get into relationships and feel like they have the things that they need and maybe they really don’t and maybe they haven’t dealt with their own issues and who they are.”

You can see what else Kenny said about this below…he held nothing back…

Watch Kenny Lattimore Discuss Issues He’s Had With Ex-Wife, Chante’ Moore

Again, it’s great that Chante, Kenny, and K.G. are all smiles now. Hopefully Moore and Lattimore have found a peaceful middle ground between them and we wish them the best. Now, if we could only get more timeless R&B classics outta them soon, we’d be VERY happy.