OMG! Kim Fields’ Actress SISTER Is A Grown 34 Yr Old BANGER Now! Must See

Posted On : September 1, 2016

Alexis Fields -better known as Kim Fields’ lil’ sis,’ or as actress, Chip Fields youngest baby- is widely known to us Old Schoolers as the teen actress from 90’s sitcoms, “Sister, Sister,” “Moesha,” or as the kid from “Roc”; some may even know her from “Keenan and Kel.” Well those were her youngin’ years and she was a cute little lady then, but now our girl, Alexis, is ALL woman! Check her out today…


fb kim fields sis and roc Alexis was beautiful child back in her "Roc" TV show days, but today she's 34 years old; married with two children; the splitting image of she and Kim's mother, Chip; and she ain't afraid to show us what she's workin' with. Check out Alexis Fields and her fam' now>>>

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