OMG! Legendary Radio Host Angie Martinez Tells How She Almost Died TWICE

Posted On : June 24, 2016

Angie Martinez has created quite a name for herself over the years and now she’s often referred to as The Voice of New York. From music to radio, Angie is still a heavy favorite among old school music lovers but there’s so much more to the woman that fans probably never knew. Like most people, Angie has faced obstacles in many aspects of her life but she’s also managed to dodge death twice.

Angie-MartinezThen, in Nov. of 2007, Angie was involved in a horrific car accident where she totaled her Range Rover. During an interview with MTV, Angie revealed she'd fallen asleep behind the wheel before driving over a media and crashing into several cars. Despite the condition of her truck, she was managed to walk away with minor injuries. In the book, she explained how both experiences gave her a different outlook on life and helped to shape her career in many ways. via-Angie-Martinez-Instagram-1Angie Martinez: My Voice was released on May 17, 2016. In addition to her near death experiences, Angie discusses a number of intense life topics that are definitely worth reading!

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