OMG! Melvin VanPeebles Had REAL Sex In THIS Film,See What Happened To Him Tho

Posted On : December 31, 2016

Melvin Van Peebles may be a legendary name in entertainment today, but back in the day, life wasn’t so easy. For those who don’t know, Melvin scraped and struggled to make ends meet to bring on of his 70’s films to fruition and boy, did he pay the ultimate price for it…


downloadBecause of Melvin's desperate measures to get the film done involved him having random sex with random women on camera, he ended up contracting gonorrhea. But, he didn't take the conventional route to treat the condition. Yet again, he made more sacrifices. He applied for workers compensation and cited the condition as a 'work-related injury' after getting "hurt on the job!" With the compensation he received, he was able to finish paying the cast and production crew to wrap up the film. He didn't take care of his gonorrhea until after the film was wrapped. The entire production was rushed through 19 days. Dayumn! Talk about hard work and dedication!

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