OMG! Morris Chestnut’s DAUGHTER Is All Grown Up Now & She’s GORGEOUS!

Posted On : September 24, 2016

Morris Chestnut’s daughter was born in 1998, seven years after we first watched Cuba Gooding Jr. yell “Rickyyyyyy!!!” just before Morris’ character (Ricky) got shot down by gangbangers in the 1991 classic, “Boyz N’ Da Hood.” Of course Morris’ daughter might not even have a clue of just how classic her pops’ role was, but that’s neither here nor there, because the topic of this article is about just how much she has grown into a very beautiful young lady since the last time we saw her…


Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 1.23.19 PM This was Morris' daughter (and son) then, but wait 'til you see her now>>>

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