OMG! Omar Epps & Keisha’s (of Total) Kids Are Way Older Now & Following Parents’ Footsteps

Posted On : October 10, 2017

Actor, Omar Epps, and Total singer, Keisha Epps, have been together since 1999. Ultimately jumping the broom in 2006, they’re the ultimate celebrity love story. Along the way though, they’ve added two mini-me’s, daughter K’mari Mae and son Amir, as well as Omar’s eldest daughter, Aiyanna, from a previous relationship.

Omar Epps and wife/Total singer, Keisha Epps

For years we’ve watched their love and their family grow…even covered Keisha’s baby shower with her close friends, Pamela (of Total) and Brandy Norwood.

Brandy, Keisha Epps and Pamela Long at Omar Epps and Keisha Epps’ baby shower on November 3, 2007 in Chatsworth, California. (via Wire Image)

The Epps Kids Back Then

We were used to seeing the Epps’ kids look like this just yesterday, or so it seems…

Where Did The Time Go?!!

But time has flown by and their mini-me’s ain’t so little anymore. Now Epp’s gorgeous eldest daughter, Aiyanna, has graduated high school, gone to prom, and is ready to step into adulthood. She aspires to have a career in education, according to Keisha Epps.

Omar Epps helping his daughter, Aiyanna, get ready for her prom 2017.

Aiyanna Epps showing her stepmom, Keisha, some love on prom day

Keisha’s and Omar’s daughter, K’Marie, is now an adorable little diva. Check her out below, gettin’ her pose on with her homegirl in a photo Keisha captioned, “When time is moving and it reflects on your daughter growing. LOVE you baby.😘”

Apparently, K’Marie has ambitions of following in her momma’s footsteps. Keisha Epps revealed online, that K’Marie is singing now.

Omar and Keisha Epp’s son, Amir, and daughter, K’Marie (via @lovekeishaepps Instagram)

And their son, Amir, is following in his Pop’s acting footsteps with career ambitions of his own. Here’s what Keisha posted about her baby boy’s recent acting give and career ambitions:

lovekeishaepps: If you see this commercial, throw one up for my little man Super proud of him for the commercials and print he’s booked but even more proud for the way he conducts himself on and off a job. All the while, he’s working…he’s still a kid and that’s first and foremost. A polite & LOVING kid at that✨He doesn’t discuss it at school or take it too seriously. He’s a kid, having fun and saving money. He’s saving for “his” college because he wants to build roller coasters. engineer! And yup a true kid because I’m still fussing about picking up behind himself‍♀️ #RealCaliforniaMilk #WhenACommercialResurges #EveryoneHasBeenHittingMeAboutIt #GoMirMir #NowShowMomma

And of course, the family that gets silly together…says together…

It’s a beautiful thing to see a celebrity couple that made it past the 10 year mark, which unfortunately is rare in the entertainment world. Can’t wait to see what the Epps kids ultimately become in life. One thing is for sure, they have two parents who have laid out a great path for them to follow.