OMG! Remember Avant? See Why Folks Are Cyber Bullying The HELL Outta Him!

Posted On : October 2, 2016

Remember Avant? He’s R&B singer who won the hearts of fans everywhere with hits like “Separated,” “Read Your Mind,” and of course, the 2000 classic, “My First Love” featuring KeKe Wyatt. Well, the famed singer is back on tour now.

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As expected, fans were thrilled about the opportunities to see Avant live, but apparently, some were taken aback when the singer hit the stage.

Unfortunately, Avant’s weight gain overshadowed his stellar performance and of course, he’s been slammed on social media. One particular photo from the singer’s recent concert is floating all over social networks. From the looks of it, the photo captures a seemingly odd angle that may make him look a little bigger than he probably is. But, nevertheless, social media users have ran with it.

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Although Avant is still a very handsome man and actually looks the same, insensitive cyber trolls wasted no time taking to Twitter with rude comments about his weight, according to AskKissy.

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Some fans expressed shock over the photo while others just slammed Avant with food jokes. Avant’s weight gain has even been compared to the changes in Luther Vandross’ appearance over the years.

Here are some of the tweets:

But, luckily, the good always outweighs the bad. Die-hard Avant fans have also shown their support, basing their opinions solely on his talent and musicianship as opposed to his physical appearance.

Hopefully, Avant’s legacy will outshine the negativity that has come with his weight gain. Although he’s being criticized, his talent still cannot be denied. We, here at ILOSM, still got love for you Avant! Keep doing your thing brotha!

And we still can’t get enough of this classic…