OMG! See How This Talented Color Purple Actor Suddenly Died Years Ago

Posted On : November 16, 2015

fb color purple adolph caesar2Actor, Adolph Caesar, was known for many scene stealing roles throughout the years- he was nominated for an Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actor” in the film, A Soldier’s Story, and he was also a very successful voice over artist. But it was his Color Purple role as “Old Mister” the close-minded father of “Mister,” (played by Danny Glover), that he is most remembered for. Remember how “Old Mister” despised Celie’s” (Whoopi Goldberg) looks? He was something else in that film and he made us all believe that his character was real. Simply put, Caesar was one of those actors who didn’t just act out his lines, he became his character.

A SOLDIER'S STORY, Adolph Caesar, 1984.
A SOLDIER’S STORY, Adolph Caesar, 1984.

The thing that is never ceases to amaze us is that Caesar is another legendary actor, who starred in one of the most iconic films in history, but yet when he passed away almost three decades ago, there wasn’t as much media coverage of his death that many probably would have expected for a man who contributed so much to the film industry. So that is what propelled us to shine some light on this brotha.

Here’s how Adolph Caesar died…

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