Lawd,See Which REALITY STAR Exposed Her Past Secret RELATIONSHIP w/Ron Isley

Posted On : December 19, 2016

ILOSM fam,’ this is one of those stories that will probably make you go “Wait….what?!!” Why, you ask? Well because this reality TV star doesn’t quite seem like the legendary Ron Isley’s type…at least not based on her past ‘I’ll-whoop-a-chick-at-any-moment’ tendencies, but apparently she was…


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 1.22.12 PM Remember Flava Flav's dating show, "Flava of Love"? Well you probably remember one of the most memorable ladies on the show and that is Saaphyri Windsor. She was the one who beat up the other chick on their very first day in the Flava house for trying to take her bed. Crazy right? LOL. She was also the one who hilariously offered the same woman (who was clearly still distraught and crying) chap stick immediately after the fight, as if everything was all good between them.

Saaphyri then had much longer stints on VH-1's "Flava of Love Girls: Charm School" (hosted by Monni'que) and "I Love Money." screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-1-15-54-pm Well she revealed in a past interview with Sister2Sister Magazine that she dated Ron Isley, 75, for two years at the SAME time he was dating his then-girlfriend (now his wife), Kandy Isley. Saaphyri said "Mr. Contagious" climbed "between the sheets" with her on the regular and them broke her heart. See the intimate details Saaphyri gave about this and what she said she did when Ron was in jail for tax evasion>>>
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