OMG! See Why Luther Vandross Said He Hated Women Throwing Panties At Him

Posted On : July 12, 2015

7-10 BLOG luther and pantiesAlthough our beloved Luther Vandross is widely known as the man whose music is responsible for making millions of babies, he actually didn’t want to solely be revered as such. In fact, in the biography, Luther, The Life and longing Of Luther Vandross, he explained in detail why he couldn’t stand when women threw their panties at him.

What many may not know, is that behind Luther’s smooth, laid back, polite exterior, he was one cat who did NOT just sit back and accept whatever was thrown his way (drawers included), without speaking out about it. Tap that ‘next’ button to see how Luther described his dislike for pantie-throwers, his response had us crackin’ up over here…LOL…