OMG! Sheila E. Shows Off Her OWN Prince Tribute…It Involves A Body Part

Posted On : May 23, 2016

Sheila E. laid a very wide layer of shade last night, after Madonna’s Prince tribute aired on the BMA’s. As you may recall, a few days ago, Sheila E. had to stand up for her legacy and the legacies of all other music legends, after musician/”The Talk” guest host, Linda Perry, said Sheila E. was not relevant enough to participate in the BMA Prince tribute. Well now Sheila E. has taken things a step further to let everybody know exactly how much she loved her friend and ex, Prince…


SHEILA E. GETS INKED UP IN PRINCE'S HONOR #RELEVANT! BAM! Sheila E. is now inked up with Prince's infamous symbol. She posted this to Facebook with the caption:

"This is my Tribute #Prince & SheilaE. 4ever #RELEVANT"

That "relevant" hashtag she threw in was the cherry on top. Like we mentioned on our Facebook page, we're giving Sheila E. a handclap and an old school fist bump on this one!

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