OMG! Teyana Taylor &NBA Fiance’ Luv The Ladies! See ‘Em Get Busy w/STRIPPERS

Posted On : December 7, 2016

ILOSM fam’ many of us Old Schoolers remember the days when a romantic date with your man, or woman, meant maybe going to a movie theater, or to a nice restaurant, while giving each other a quick peck on the lips every now and then, or maybe playing a lil’ footsie underneath the dinner table (okay the footsie thing was corny as hell, but you get the point), or maybe you went to a house party and couldn’t wait to slow drag with your date…*SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO**

Then after the night was wrapped, hopefully you got lucky and went back to the crib, turned on some Teddy P. or Keith Sweat and ended the night with a lil’ sexual healing. Ahhh…the memories, right?
Welp, those days are over and the new romantic evening involves making it rain on strippers as they twerk on both you and your date. Gotta love the new age dating- it’s cool, no judgement here, but it’s just different… **SCROLL DOWN TO SEE VIDEO**

Anywho, singer, Teyana Taylor, and her NBA baller fiance’/child’s father, Iman Shumpert, have long ago proven that they’re one of the most loving, coolest celeb’ couples around. And last night, they also proved that they both luuuuh the girls (somebody cue Jay-Z’s chorus up: “I love girls, girls, girls, girls/Girls I do adooooore!”). Teyana and Iman had a strip club date and it looks like they were having the time of their lives. Check ’em out getting their freak on below…


The couple that gets twerked on together, stays together.
By the way, for those who aren't familiar with Teyana Taylor, she's an incredible singer and an equally incredible dancer. Most recently she had men (and some ladies) thirsty over her baby-oiled up, thong rockin' dancing in Kanye West's new video, and uh....Yes LAWD she did the damn thing in that one! Check it out here>>>

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