OMG! This “Soul Food” Actor Is GROWN & Married Now! U Gotta See This!

Posted On : July 10, 2016

Remember lil’ “Ahmad” from Showtime’s “Soul Food” series? He played the pre-teen son of “Maxine” (Vanessa A. Williams’ character) and “Kenny” (Rockmond Dunbar’s character). His real name is Aaron Meeks and he’s pretty much stayed out of the spotlight lately, but we found him and could NOT believe it had been THAT long since we’ve seen this dude. He’s a 30 year old married man now! Okay…we’ll let that sink in for a second so we can all see just how Old School we really are, LOL. Now check out the grown up pics of Aaron Meeks and his wife below…


7-10 soul food kid double pic Here is 30 year old "Ahmad" a.k.a. Aaron Meeks. As you can see, not much has changed about the brotha. Yeah he has a little more facial hair and muscles, but I'm pretty sure he can't walk down a crowded inner city block without somebody saying "Isn't that ol' boy from 'Soul Food'?" He's aging gracefully. Like we mentioned earlier, Aaron has mostly stayed away from the entertainment world ever since 2007 or so. One thing is clear though, he's a family man now and he spends a lot of time with his wife and step-kids. Check them out here>>>

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