OMG! U HAVE To See India.Arie Singing w/Her MOM! They’ve Both Got SKILLS!

Posted On : November 1, 2016

Physical beauty aren’t the only shared features of India.Arie and her mom, Joyce Simpson, it turns out India inherited her beautiful voice from her Mother as well. When we saw this video clip of India performing with her fashion designer mom we were blown away by how authentically powerful their collabo’ was. As India danced, her mother sang and the crowd loved it. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW…


India.Arie's mother is a Detroit native and she was offered a solo contract with Motown, but she turned down what many artists would done just about anything for. Her reason for saying no to Motown was because she had a band of her own and Motown didn't want the whole band, they just wanted her. screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-36-31-am Shortly after that, Joyce married India's dad/NBA player, Ralph Simpson (they've since divorced), and put her music career on ice because she was eager to start a family and raise her children. Can't knock her for having loyalty and being a family woman right? She was also offered a spot in Martha and the Vandellas, but they said she as a little too young for the group...AND HERE IS HOW STEVIE IS CONNECTED TO THEIR FAMILY>>>
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