“One In A Million” Singer Larry Graham’s Multi-Platinum RAPPER Nephew Is WHO?

Posted On : February 14, 2015

larry and drake blog pic

Now this is a TOUGH guess right here! Prepare to be shocked.

Do you remember the guy, who gave us the 1980 crossover and soul music smash “One In A Million” and before that, was lead singer with the Graham Central Station; and even before that, was a member of Sly & The Family Stone? Of course you do- Larry Graham, but guess who his very popular multi million selling rapper nephew is? Here’s one hint: Nowadays you can’t turn on the radio without hearing his rap songs about every 30 minutes.

Larry sang the words “A one in a million, chance of a lifetime…” but chances are one in a million that any one of us could have saw this one coming. Turn the page to see who his nephew is…