Ooooh! Kandi Let’s It ALL Out Now About Her Sexual Experience With Porsha!

Posted On : January 29, 2017

Former Xscape singer-turned-RHOA-reality-star, Kandi Burruss, says she has had it up to HERE with the BS that both Phaedra and Porsha have been throwing her way this season. She’s already put Phaedra on full blast over it and now it’s apparently Porsha’s turn to get it, because Kandi just put her on full blast times one hundred…


Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 8.16.45 PM Many of you RHOA watchers may recall how Porsha claimed that Kandi and Todd asked her to have a threesome and Kandi told her she was a "damn lie" on the show. At first we thought that was the end of it, but after Porsha then fessed up to the fact that she shared a so-called "drunken kiss" with Kandi, after previously denying that she'd done anything with either Kandi or Todd, Kandi is really letting all of the beans spill out of the bag now.>>>

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