Oop! Erykah Badu & Her Adorable Daughter Check Fan Over Solange Comparison

Posted On : May 30, 2017

Listen up ILOSM fam!’ Erykah Badu and her daughter, Puma, want y’all to know one thing: when it comes to being an originator of her style and fashion choices, she ain’t new to this, she’s true to this. That’s pretty much the message Badu and she and the D.O.C.’s 12 year old mini-me, Puma, blasted off the other day on Instagram.

Erykah Badu with her daughter, Puma, and the father of Puma, rapper, D.O.C.

The Misguided Comparison

It all started when a few of Badu’s fans made the mistake of stating that Badu went out and bought a puffy jacket similar to the one Beyonce’s baby sis’/singer, Solange, had already rocked at the Met Gala 2017in May. They basically were implying that ‘Ms. On and On’ copied off of the neo-soul newcomer, Solange. Not one to bite her tongue, Erykah took to social media to put those ill-informed fans in check and the most adorable part of it all is that her daughter was sitting next to her co-signing her Momma’s comments with a grown folks’ “unh” every now and then.

This is the jacket in question and the pic, Badu posted of herself wearing her’s in January (2017)…


And this is Solange rockin’ her puffy jacket months after Badu in May (2017)…

… solange … #metkawakubo #thombrowne #solange

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Erykah Badu’s & Her Daughter’s Clap-back

In a post she labeled, “Petty Receipts Monday,” E. Badu politely let folks know that their timing was clearly off and that if anyone copied a style, it would be Solange in this case, check out her video response below:

“Uh, I had my coat back in December, I just wore it in January. Solange didn’t wear hers ’til the Met Ball and that was a long time after. I am the originator, I don’t have no stylist Beebee, it’s all me BeeBee.”


Guess, those fans will think twice before they try to get at Ms. Badu again. If not, she and Puma will be ready to hit ’em with a virtual clap back yet again. That’s right, get ’em ladies!