Original ‘Dreamgirls’ 35TH Anniversary Performance Goes Viral Again For All The Wrong Reasons

Posted On : December 11, 2017

Since the film adaptation of Dreamgirls was released, fans have a newfound love for Deena Jones and The Dreams. So, when the original Dreams reunited for the 35th anniversary of the Broadway musical, you can probably imagine how fans reacted: they’re still in love with the legendary group. Even though its been a year since the reunion, footage of the ladies’ performance is still going viral. However, this time it’s going viral for all the wrong reasons.

A Questionable Performance?:

Unfortunately, quite a few fans weren’t pleased with the ladies’ performance. Apparently, quite a few social media users are convinced the ladies didn’t have enough time to practice for the big reunion. “When the aunties at the cookout get drunk and start singing,” one person commented. But many people actually refused to comment out of respect for the ladies’ legacy.

But despite the musical performance, there were lots of great comments about the ladies. Most fans agreed they looked absolutely stunning. For many people, it’s quite rare to see Loretta Devine with a mic since she caught the acting bug many years ago. Sheryl Lee Ralph also turned heads with her striking good looks and Jennifer Holiday’s voice is still amazing.

Check out the video:

The Silver Lining:

Despite the critical comments, the ladies still did a fabulous job. All three ladies are now very successful in their own right, and their rare moment onstage together will always be a memorable moment in Broadway. Then, of course, there were lots of fans who defended the ladies.

Wow! I am reading the comments a lot of you have written, and I think you should all go to hell—in most cases. Think about it…you’re ripping into their vocals, their weight, their this, their that. I’m quite sure they probably had all of 30 minutes rehearsal. They don’t need a week’s worth for such a small amount of time on stage. And yeah, as you get older SO DOES YOUR VOICE. It just happens. And after 35 years how many people can say they’re in the shape they used to be? The thing is that these are three fine, classy women. They are Broadway royalty for what they gave us. Hell. I’d kill just to see Loretta Sheryl or Jennifer do it in pig latin! In addition, this is obviously not a quality taping, so of course, the sound is going to come off somewhat distorted.

Congratulations to Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine, and Jennifer Holliday on a job well done!