Pam Grier Exposed How Her NBA Ex, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, “Humiliated” And Pressured Her

Posted On : August 11, 2022
(L) Pam Grier; (inset photo) Pam Grier with Kareem Abdul Jabbar

We saw this video a while back and thought it was interesting what Pam Grier said about her then-boyfriend/NBA legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Pam Grier admitted that she had tough time with the ultimatums Kareem had given her during their relationship and she broke it all down during her interview.

One thing she said he suggested doing with their relationship, was have a polygamy situation going on, and that Pam would be wife #1 and all of the other wives would be labeled as wife #2, #3, and so one. All we can say is wow! BUT that’s not all…scroll down to see what else she said.

Pam’s also been quoted as saying this about a time she said Kareem kind of embarrassed her in front of his friends when they were dating:

Pam Grier with then boyfriend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Pam Grier: “One day, I awaited for my boyfriend-Kareem Abdul Jabbar in his Malibu home, he was returning from several road games and he was now a Muslim. When he came through the door with his friends (they had also converted), I ran up to hug him, he moved back, as if I had bad breath or a contagious skin disease. ‘Nice to see you, Pam,’ he said. And that was it.

Now that they had converted, they could speak to me, but there was no touching allowed. No intimate or personal conversations. In fact, I wasn’t supposed to speak to them at all, unless I was answering specific questions. I stood their awkwardly, when Kareem said in a quiet voice, ‘You’re supposed to leave the room now, Pam.’ I walked out of the room feeling upset and humiliated.”

Then Pam said Kareem ended up getting pissed off wit her after this happened:

PG: “Suddenly, Kareem was standing at the door to the bedroom grinning, ‘Can you make us some sandwiches?’ he asked. After I made the sandwiches, he said, ‘You have to go now, you can take your sandwich with you.’

I left and walked towards Malibu beach. I changed into a halter top and cutoffs. One of Kareem’s friends saw me and called him.

Kareem was irate when I got back home, and he read me the riot act about disgracing him on the beach. He said, ‘You have to be covered. Arms, legs, and head. Only your hands can be seen.’ Needless to say, our relationship didn’t last much longer after this incident.

For some reason, it’s kind of difficult to imagine Pam going from rockin’ hot pants and halter tops to wearing hijabs…I just don’t see that for her…for someone else, yeah, but not for Ms. ‘Foxy Brown.’ Fast forward to today and that would be like asking Meg Thee Stallion or Lil’ Kim to wear baggy turtle necks and loose fitting pants for the rest of their lives. Anything’s possible, but again, I just don’t see it. Can you see Pam Grier doing that ILOSM fam?’