Pastor Jamal Bryant & TI Expose Red Cross In Effort To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Posted On : August 31, 2017

Pastor Jamal Bryant and his girlfriend/singer, Tweet

As many citizens open their wallets and pocketbooks to donate money to the thousands of displaced residents affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX and surrounding cities, some surprising news is surfacing about some of the most well known charitable organizations.


Well known pastor and activist, Jamal Bryant a.k.a. Tweet’s man, is helping to further expose such organizations in an effort to help the victims of Harvey get the true help they deserve. Here’s what he’s posted online:

We have no confidence in the Red Cross they collected 1/2 billion for Haiti and built 6 houses. Send gift cards so people can get what they need! 4217 primrose avenue Baltimore Maryland 21215

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Xscape singer, Tiny’s, husband. T.I., also blasted Red Cross, as well as Fema, over their reported lack of funding for victims:


Bryant’s and T.I.’s posts come after news broke Wednesday (8-30-17), that Red Cross had pretty much screwed Haiti during their deadly earthquake disaster in 2010. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, recently led a yearlong investigation into Red Cross’ reported funding of the Haiti earthquake that now has many questioning if the organization will fully help Harvey victims:

Via NPR: Grassley… said in an interview that even after a year of back-and-forth with the Red Cross, “we did not get satisfactory answers — like pulling teeth, it was very difficult.” The Red Cross, including [Red Cross CEO Gail] McGovern, repeatedly has told the public that all but 9 percent of donations spent go to humanitarian programs. But Grassley’s office found that 25 percent of donations sent to Haiti — or nearly $125 million — were spent on fundraising and management, a contingency fund and the catchall category the Red Cross calls “program expenses.” […] The venerated charity raised nearly $500 million after the disaster, more than any other nonprofit, but an ambitious plan to build housing resulted in just six permanent homes, NPR and ProPublica found.

Another Red Cross executive, Brad Kieserman, was also grilled on Morning Editon, about exactly how much will now go to relief efforts- such as Hurricane Harvey victims- from money donated to Red Cross and he decided to play a game of dodge ball with his answer:

“I wish I could answer your question, but it’s not something I have visibility on in the role that I play in this organization,” said


Hurricane Harvey aftermath

If you would like to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims, but aren’t quite sure which companies to trust, you can use charity watchdog websites, like CharityOrganizer, that spend countless hours doing investigative research into which organizations are trustworthy.


Pastor Jamal Bryant and Tweet

On a side note, as Pastor Bryant helps hurricane victims, he’s also praying for his girlfriend, Tweet, who was rushed to the hospital Wednesday (8-20-17) for blood clots in her lungs and right arm. No word on her latest condition, but we send much love and uplifting energy to her at this time.