Pat Houston Reacts To Christina Aguilera’s Controversial Whitney Houston Tribute

Posted On : November 21, 2017

If you’re like many of us, here at I Love Old School Music, you probably missed Sunday night’s American Music Awards due to it’s consistent history of being a yawn inducing ceremony, filled with mostly bland performances at best. But just like us, you probably caught many of the highlights of the show on the internet. One of those said highlights was Christina Aguilera’s tribute to Whitney Houston.

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Christina’s performance was the talk of the internet for two reasons: (1) Many bashed the hell outta her and the AMA’s for opting to ignore the many highly skilled Black singers for a ‘less talented’ (in comparison) Christina instead; and (2) although many praised her voice, they still shaded her for hitting a few off notes and being off-tempo at times.

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Watch Christina’s Tribute Performance to Whitney Houston

Fans Let Aguilera Have It!

Here are some of the reactions from fans…

Pat Houston Speaks On It

Now, Whitney’s sister-in-law/manager, Pat Houston, has weighed in on the mound of backlash surrounding Christina’s tribute. Simply put, Pat says that she thought it was “fabulous” and that as long as her and the rest of Whitney’s fam’ were hella pleased with the tribute, nothing else matters. Check out her reaction below:

As y’all can see, there were mixed reactions from all sides of the coin. True, Aguilera had a few shaky notes in her performance. It’s also true there are plenty of other singers who would’ve done a much better job, however…well, quite frankly I can’t think of a rebuttal for that, so I won’t try. Point is though, I don’t think Christina was exactly horrible, she just didn’t quite know how to put that stank on it, like our beloved Whitney would have done.

ILOSM fam,’ what did y’all think about Christina Aguilera’s ‘Whitney Houston tribute’?

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