Patti Retracts Words & Does THIS For Singing Pie Fan This Thanksgiving!

Posted On : November 26, 2015

fb patti piesHappy Thanksgiving ILoveOldSchoolMusic family! So after Patti LaBelle caught a helluva lot of backlash on social media for downplaying how her fan, James Wright’s, viral Patti’s pies praise video led to the sales of a million plus of her pies recently, she’s now retracting her words, so to speak, and is making nice with the brotha this Thanksgiving and we thought this was really cool of Patti to do.

Patti has invited James over to her house in Philly for a good ol’ fashioned home cooked Thanksgiving dinner cooked by her! That’s right, Patti is offering him one of the most precious gifts she could offer, a gift that she usually cherishes for her close family and friends.

patti labelle2That’s a beautiful thing and that’s the Patti LaBelle we Old Schoolers know: the down-to-earth, Patti, the Patti who would open her front door, see you walking by and say ‘Hey my baby, come on in and fix yourself a plate’…not the Patti who would throw shade to a man and jack his credit for selling one of her Walmart pies per every second for 72 hours straight (That really happened, don’t believe me? Ask Walmart).

So we’re giving Patti a big ‘ol Old School high five and hand clap for giving back to one of her number one fans. Hopefully after this Thanksgiving dinner is all said and done, James Wright will post video of his time at Patti’s house on his Youtube channel and help clean up some of this mess Patti’s created after her viral comments about him a few days ago.

Turn the page to see video of Patti talking about her fan, James, coming over to her house today for Thanksgiving dinner…