People Are Wondering What’s Going On With Wendy Williams After Her Scandalous Trip To Los Angeles

Posted On : June 10, 2019

As her life continues on a wild ride talk show host Wendy Williams is showing the world that she intends on living her best life regardless. And it appears that she’s come a long way from earlier this year when she was snapped out and about looking disheveled and depressed. Now Wendy is kicking up her heels and enjoying her freedom as a single lady. And she’s doing so with a little help from her friends and, perhaps, a new lover?

Showing Support

This weekend Wendy decided it was time to put some of the drama in her life to the side for some fun times in Los Angeles. She started her trip Friday with a trip to the Kardashians home to spend time with Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Kim even gave Wendy a quick tutorial on how to properly take a selfie.

On Saturday she linked up with one of her new best friends, reality star Blac Chyna. Now, their new friendship should come as no surprise since the two of them have been getting closer after Chyna’s appearance on Wendy’s talk show last month. Wendy even posted a pic to her Instagram page praising her “little sister” and revealing she was having a ball at Los Angeles’ Gay Pride celebration.

During an event where Chyna was a guest she surprised the audience by bringing Wendy out onstage and they went wild.

The two hung out and flicked it up for a bit, even taking a photo with Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni. Though it was great to see Wendy looking the happiest she has in months this wasn’t the most shocking part of her weekend getaway.

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