Pepa Claims Son’s Dad Severely Dogged Her, Detailed Her Desperate Actions To Keep Him

Posted On : February 11, 2021
Pepa, of Salt-N-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa rap legend, Sandy “Pepa” Denton, has had her fair share of struggles with men. Her most publicized one of course was with the father of her daughter- rapper, Treach. However, before Treach, there was the father of her son, Tyran Moore, and according to the details Pepa disclosed in her memoir, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” she was fresh outta luck with him too.

In a nutshell, when Pep’s career was poppin’ in 1990, and she was highly sought after by men from all walks of life, she chose the dude from around the way, who reportedly ended up dissin’ her while pregnant. Details below…

Pepa Pressured Son’s Dad To Marry Her, But…
In her book, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” Pepa recalled the first time she informed her son’s dad, ‘Tah Tah,’ that she was pregnant:

“‘I’m pregnant, and now we’re going to be together, just you and me!’ I started dictating to him how it was going to be. I wanted a ring. I wanted to get married. I laid it all down. He didn’t say a word. So I figured I got through to him.”

Here’s What Pepa Says Her Baby Daddy Did After She Became Pregnant

Throwback photo of Pepa with son, Tyran Moore

Pepa Thought She Was Engaged, But…
Pepa went on to reveal that Tah Tah bought her a ring, like she’d requested, and that she assumed that was his proposal:

“Later he would tell me that it was just a friendship ring. That I had pressured him so much, he had to get me something.”

He Didn’t Want A Child…With Pepa

“He didn’t want to disappoint me and didn’t want to tell me what he was really feeling- that he wanted out. He didn’t want to be a father.” … He wouldn’t return my phone calls. He came around when he felt like it. And the more he dissed me, the more I went crazy trying to be with him.”

She Found Out About Other Woman While Pregnant
As Pep’ continued to chase behind Tah Tah, she heard “about some girl named Tasha,” he was dating and “couldn’t believe it.” So she says she popped up at a basketball game, where she knew Tah Tah be…and lo and behold, Pep says he was there with Tasha, whom she recognized from around their neighborhood:

“I could tell by their body language that they were together.”

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Baby Daddy Soon Confessed He Didn’t Want Pepa…
Pepa says Tah Tah later confessed that he wanted to be with Tasha, and not her:

“Here I am like four months pregnant with his baby and it was like he kicked me in my stomach. And he was so nice about it…”

Pepa Became “Obsessed”…Salt Tried To Stop Her:

“Guess what? I wasn’t trying to hear that. He wasn’t going anywhere as far as I was concerned. … So I pulled out all the stops. … I started talking to his sisters and going over to his mother’s house. … His poor mother wanted us to be together so badly and even tried talking to Tah Tah.

I was obsessed. I was completely gone. I was trying anything to win him back. I knew that his favorite color was purple. And if I knew I was going to see him, I made sure that I had on a purple outfit. I even painted my nails purple and put his initials on my nails in rhinestones. …  It was embarrassing because I was a star running after this street dude who was dissing me. Cheryl [Salt] would say, ‘Come on Sandy, you have to move on.'”

Tah Tah refused to “hang out” with Pepa and she admittedly “started calling him everyday,” until one day Tasha answered and told her how “stupid” she looked chasing behind her man, claims Pep.

Then Came More Heartbreaking News For Pep’

Pepa and son, Tyran Moore, on “Growing Up Hip Hop”

Baby Daddy Got Shot & Dissed Her From Hospital Bed?
Pep’ was still pregnant with son, Tyran, when Tah Tah was shot at a public event, according to Pepa. Even though they had not been speaking, she says she rushed to the hospital and found Tasha and her family sitting there, reportedly mean muggin’ her. Pep’ says she was defiant and went to Tah Tah’s bedside anyway, but soon got her feelings hurt when he respectfully asked her to “stop doing this,” then sent her away and grabbed Tasha’s hand instead.

Pepa & Baby Daddy’s Girlfriend Were Pregnant At The Same Time
Pep’ also revealed that Tah Tah finally agreed to take a brief trip to Vegas with with her, but spent all his time on the phone with Tasha. That’s when Pep’ also found out he was expecting a second baby- with Tasha, who’s pregnancy was just three months behind her’s.

Moral of The Story:
Celebrities are just like the rest of us, with their own life hurdles and heartbreaks to overcome. Pepa’s story is a sheer example of that. Much respect to her for being so transparent with the world.