Pepa Claims Son’s Father Badly Dogged Her & Tells Desperate Actions She Took To Keep Him

Posted On : June 4, 2019

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Salt-N-Pepa rap legend, Sandy “Pepa” Denton, has had her fair share of struggles with men. Her most publicized one of course was with the father of her daughter- rapper, Treach. However, before Treach, there was the father of her son, Tyran Moore, and according to the details Pepa disclosed in her memoir, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” she was fresh outta luck with him too.

In a nutshell, when Pep’s career was poppin’ in 1990, and she was highly sought after by men from all walks of life, she chose the dude from around the way, who reportedly ended up dissin’ her while pregnant. Details below…

Throwback photo of Pepa and her first born child (of two), Tyran [via Instagram]
Pepa Pressured Son’s Dad To Marry Her, But…
In her book, “Let’s Talk About Pep,” Pepa recalled the first time she informed her son’s dad, ‘Tah Tah,’ that she was pregnant:

“‘I’m pregnant, and now we’re going to be together, just you and me!’ I started dictating to him how it was going to be. I wanted a ring. I wanted to get married. I laid it all down. He didn’t say a word. So I figured I got through to him.”

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