After Cruel DarkSkin Comments, Peter’s DAUGHTER Shows Twin Biracial Babies!

Posted On : January 21, 2017

We’re sending a congratulations to new grandpa Peter (of Real Housewives of Atlanta), his daughter/model, Porsche Thomas, and her husband, on the birth of their new adorable twin babies. We’re especially happy for Porsche because she didn’t let the recent online attacks she endured a few weeks ago, stress out herself, nor her then-unborn babies. See her babies and what her parents had to say below…


fb-peter-thomas-and-pregnant-daughter Before we share the photos of Peter's grandbabies, we'll fill you in on the ridiculous criticism Porsche endured in the last stage of her pregnancy. A few weeks ago we reported that Porsche's pregnant pic (above center) had gone viral for the wrong reasons. Many brainwashed individuals flocked to Porsche's photo and attacked her beautiful, dark chocolate skin with outright ignant (that's a tad bit more than ignorant) "too black" comments. Porsche took it with a grain of salt and Peter stepped up to defend his daughter online. Well, now he's stepped up to show off his grandbabies>>>

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