Phaedra Reportedly Claims She’s Being Lied On & Set Up By RHOA Producers, Here’s How..

Posted On : September 16, 2017

Phaedra Parks

Months after the now former Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks, was busted on television for lying on cast mate, Kandi Burruss, she now has a new piece of info to add, according to a new report.

Recap of Phaedra’s Fibs

Kandi Burruss goes off on Phaedra and Porsha for lying on her during RHOA Reunion special

Most RHOA watchers know all about the ‘drugging/raping’ story that Phaedra repeatedly stuck with throughout last season on the show. She instigated the story via cast mate/friend, Porsha Williams, who fell for the sauce Phaedra was serving her. In case you’re not familiar, let me quickly feel you in: Phaedra told Porsha that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, made plans to drug and then rape Porsha inside of their ‘sex dungeon’ at their Atlanta home. During the RHOA reunion, fans watched in shock as Phaedra was busted in her story by Porsha and that’s when a few other lies Phaedra instigated about Kandi had also surfaced.

The Consequences

By telling such astronomical lies on Kandi, it not only put Phaedra’s credibility as an attorney at risk, but it almost put the Bravo TV network and the RHOA franchise at risk. That is, if Kandi would have decided to sue them and Phaedra after being wrongly slandered all last season by Phaedra’s stories on the show, which Kandi said harmed her brand at the time. That possibility could have also contributed to RHOA execs giving Phaedra the boot.

Kandi heated and hurt as she confronts Phaedra during RHOA Reunion

Phaedra Reportedly Claims Being Lied On & Set Up

After being fired, it was also recently reported that Phaedra was hustlin’ hard to get back on the show. However, fast forward to now and TheJasmineBrand has reported that Phaedra’s people contacted them with a whole new side of the story on her behalf. Check out what was reported below:

Via TJB: Sources close to Phaedra Parks deny reports that the reality star has any interest in returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. “She doesn’t want to be back on the show. It’s really the other way around. A producer actually hit her up, asking for her to come back. […] She felt like she was set up. The whole ‘sex dungeon’ comment started as a joke’, but it just spiraled out of control.”

The insider says that the way she was portrayed on the show, tampered with her professional integrity. Sources also deny reports that she’s strapped for cash and is selling her house to assist with her finances.”Phaedra is a business woman. She just signed 10 new clients. She was living comfortably before the show and her business is still thriving.”

Hmmmm…interesting response. On a side note though, I’m just glad Xscape is back together again…reminisce to this old school classic with us ILOSM family…