Photos Surface Of Tamar With New Man Who Looks Nothing Like Husband Vince..Fans React

Posted On : July 16, 2018

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Tamar Braxton’s got fans out here wondering whats really goin’ on. For those who missed the latest, the “Hot Sugar” singer was recently spotted with a new man and fans are asking if he’s just her homie, or her homie-lover-friend. Based on the body language between the two, many believe there’s more to the situation than just friendship. In fact, the photos have gone viral in just a short period of time and another thing that is largely noticeable, is that the brotha looks nothing like her estranged husband/manager, Vincent Herbert.

Harpo, Who Dis Man?:

On Sunday (July 15, 2018), The Shade Room posted two photos of Tamar and an unnamed dude with locs. The two appear to be standing outside of a restaurant and to most, lookin’ real comfy-cozy, as they seemingly had an in depth convo.’

Now, there are more than 9,000 comments about the photos and the reactions are endless. Everybody’s got somethin’ to say, because there’s been so much going on with Tamar lately, that it’s been hard to keep up. But the biggest question is clear: Has she finally moved on from Vince? Of course, fans wanna know…

Fans React:

As expected, the photos have received mixed reactions. Some people are criticizing Tamar because she’s still legally married to Vince. However, while others are wondering if Tamar’s creepin’ on Vince, surprisingly, most of her fans are here for it.

One fan wrote, “These pics scream, “Boo’d Up”!! I’m here for it honey!! She minded her business look like to me. What. She supposes to stay in hiding? She can have a life. This is one of the reasons why I don’t want to be famous like tf.”

Another fan wrote, ““I thought she was getting back together with Vince, guess not. She’s handling business loves! She has a whole computer in her hand! Not really cute to bring big electronics to see a boo thang at a restaurant that won’t even let you wait 5-10mins to retrieve your car. Is she divorced yet??? We don’t need Vince in the car across the street trying to stalk her.”

Despite all the congratulatory posts, there’s a reason why some fans are confused. Last month (June), Tamar made headlines for a totally different reason…

Reunited Or Nah?:

The latest news follows another report last month about Tamar possibly reuniting with Vince. In most cases, people are happy to hear about couples working things out, but unfortunately, fans weren’t too thrilled about the idea of her and Vince reconciling. At that time, a photo of Tamar and Vince surfaced online and like the latest photo of her and that mystery man, fans expressed mixed reactions.

[6/11] Tamar and Vince out and about yesterday #tamarbraxton

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One fan commented, “It just bothers me to see a life spent wasted on a person clearly who doesn’t love you deeply and you wasting time on someone you can never truly trust. I saw it with people in my family, so it taught me never to accept this behavior, so I never did. I got rid of men once I lost interest who didn’t want to go. I never cheated on them, but they couldn’t let go. Happy Tamar found her happiness.”

Right now, Tamar hasn’t confirmed, nor denied the rumors. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what it really is.