Phylicia Rashad Says ‘Cosby Show’ Success Surprised Her In Its Debut — ‘It Was Home’

Posted On : June 13, 2019

Phylicia Rashad is beautifully gorgeous.

Photo via Twitter.Phylicia Rashad, aka “Clair Huxtable,” says she had no idea The Cosby Show would skyrocket so successfully after its debut in the ’80s.

According to Variety, Phylicia Rashad mentions in a recent interview that she was caught offguard by the show’s extreme success, as well as its controversy. Although it definitely shows a Black, successful family, Rashad didn’t foresee how America — actually, the world — would take to the sitcom.

During the interview, Phylicia states that the cast was happy together. It was “home.” According to Rashad, there was no controversy among them.

“We were (just) having fun. We were working and we were having fun.”

That’s what she told stated while at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. According to the source, Phylicia was being recognized at the festival for her career work in the entertainment industry — not just for her role as “Clair Huxtable.”

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