Pimp Fillmore Slim Accuses Whoopi Goldberg Of Almost Taking Him Out During Hostile Altercation

Posted On : July 21, 2019

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When it comes to the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, the world pretty much knows her as the hilarious comedian, renowned actress, and take-no-mess lead co-host of The View talk show. Although the 63 years young veteran is all of the above, there’s another side to her that isn’t widely known to mainstream media, yet well respected in the underworld and behind the scenes amongst those who knew her personally, before the fame.

Don’t take our word for it though, just ask Fillmore Slim- who’s considered a ‘legend’ on the streets, as a popular pimp from back in the day-turned blues singer/musician.

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Now, of course, Whoopi would probably be the last person you’d expect to be mentioned in the same sentence as a pimp, with her widely known feminist views and fight for women’s rights mission. However, turns out, in the 70’s and 80’s, she still lived by those same principles and Fillmore Slim learned lesson the hard way, according to what he’s now exposed about his violent encounter with Whoopi….

What Went Down Between Whoopi & Fillmore Slim?

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Former Pimp, Fillmore Slim, Tells Why Whoopi Pulled A Rifle On Him…
In an interview with Vlad TV, Fillmore Slim broke down the whole story about the time Whoopi damn near canceled him from this earth after their random meeting outside of a San Francisco, CA motel.

Fillmore Slim: “We had a incident – this was before she [Whoopi Goldberg] was a star- and she was down there [in pimp territory in San Francisco, CA] and had this big house. …She was studying to be a actress. She didn’t know me and I didn’t know her.”

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He continued, explaining that he and Whoopi got into an argument when she apparently tried to use the pay phone that he was occupying at the time. Fillmore alludes that he ended up pimp slapping Whoopi…or something of the sort:

“Whoopi Goldberg, ya know…she was dressed like a militant at the time. And she didn’t know who I was and that I was from San Francisco. So we had a misunderstanding about the telephone….and uh…the argument got a lil’ heated. And me being pimpin,’ I had to straighten her out.”

Though Fillmore didn’t explain the payphone drama, it is widely known that pimps used pay phones to communicate with their prostitutes and potential customers on a daily basis. Since Fillmore was a known pimp in that area and had street clout, it’s presumed that whenever he and his girls were working the area, folks knew not to mess with him, nor the pay phone he stood near. BUT Fillmore was NOT prepared for what Whoopi did next…

After He “Straightened Her Out,” Whoopi Turned ALL The Way Up On Fillmore Slim>>>