Prayers Up For Rapper/”Friday” Actress Lady Of Rage, Hospitalized For Serious Illness

Posted On : January 5, 2018

Today we’re asking everyone in our ILOSM fam,’ to keep one of the greatest MC’s in hip hop, Lady of Rage, in your thoughts and prayers. Most of us know Rage from the Friday movie franchise, in which she played the comical character, “Baby D,” and of course we know her as the FIRE Death Row spitta.

Today though is a human being humbled by the love she’s receiving from so many, as she currently is hospitalized for a major illness at the age of 49. Although the “Rough n’ stuff with my afro puffs” rapper didn’t disclose her illness, she did share an Instagram message of gratitude with all of her fans, thanking everyone for their well wishes:

theladyofrage_: I just want to Thank everyone who has been showing me and ovewhelming amount of love, support, prayers, visits, phone calls, well wishes. It means so much…I never knew so many people cared. I’m really grateful to all of you who have taken the time to send a lil love my way.

In addition to that, her good friend/rapper, Yo Yo, also asked that everyone send one up for Rage, in a series of online posts as well:

yoyofearless: Say a prayer for my big sis of HipHop @theladyofrage_ We love you baby ❤️❤️❤️ #stronger #together

Say a prayer for my big sis of HipHop @theladyofrage_ We love you baby ❤️❤️❤️ #stronger #together

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Whatever illness Rage is battling, we sincerely hope that she overcomes it soon.

Simple Steps That Help Us All Build Our Immune System & Fight Illness/Disease

ILOSM fam,’ although Lady of Rage is just 49 years young, this is a reminder that none of us are immune to illness. However, there are certain simple steps we can take toward building up our immune systems to thwart off illness and disease.

There are four vital supplements to helps us do that. Those are a daily dose of vitamin D3, fish oil/or krill oil, flaxseed oil, and resveratrol supplements. All have been proven to boost our immune systems, and they’re sometimes what the money hungry medical industry do not want us to know about (because it helps keep patients OUT of the hospital). Research each of these items to see the benefits they offer and get your supplement on family. Love and light to all of you. Peace.