Prince Estate Selling His Homes As Family Awaits Cut Of $300Mill’ Assets

Posted On : August 2, 2016

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Prince’s estate has just decided to liquidate part of Prince’s $300 Million assets and are putting some of his mansions up on the market. So if you have a cool $15-$40 million or so, laying around, you can get in on what seems to be a ‘Purple Rain liquidation sale.’

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Prince’s Paisley Park home

Seriously though, Prince’s fam’ is still awaiting to see how his assets will be divided up and they’ll probably be waiting a while with all of the play-kids that have come out of the woodwork to claim a cut from their play-daddy, Prince. I’m not saying all hundred plus of them are lying, I’m just saying though *side eye.*

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.14.45 AM
Prince’s Turks and Caicos home

Anyways, check out what was reported about Prince’s liquidation sale:

Via TMZ: Prince’s massive real estate holdings are about to hit the open market … if his estate gets a judge’s approval. The special administrator of Prince’s estate has filed a request to start unloading various real estate holdings. It won’t be a fire sale though … according to the docs, the estate says it will only accept offers that are at least 90% of fair market value.

It’s unclear exactly which of his properties will be for sale — the court has sealed that part of the request — but Prince is known to have real estate in Minnesota, Beverly Hills, New York and possibly more. His Minnesota holdings alone have been estimated at nearly $30 mil. The move is a sign Prince’s heirs are looking to liquidate his assets rather than hold onto ’em for sentimental reasons. The judge still needs to sign off on the deal.

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