Prince Jackson To MJ’s Nephews: Our Fam’ Can’t Take Credit For Twerkin!

Posted On : September 30, 2015

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In case you haven’t heard, Tito Jackson’s sons, TJ, Taryll, and Taj, will be giving the world an intimate view into what it’s like being a member of the Jackson family in their upcoming Lifetime reality show, The Jacksons: The Next Generation.

Jackie Jackson with hi son, Siggy Jackson II.
Jackie Jackson with hi son, Siggy Jackson II.

They’ve been releasing some interesting trailers for the show and the most recent one showed a clip of Jacki Jackson’s son, Siggy Jackson, and Tito’s sons schooling two of Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince and Blanket, on who they truly are and what type of legacy their entire family has been built off of well before they came into the world. Siggy told them this in reference to the Jackson family’s influence on music: “Who has our family not influenced? Every move ever, Twerk, pop, slide rolls.” But then Prince quickly chimed in and told his big cuz’: “I don’t know if we could take credit for the Twerk.” Then they all started laughing.Well at least MJ’s oldest kid’s got some good sense, because we certainly don’t blame him for not taking credit for twerkin’…LOL.

Here’s the rest of what Siggy told MJ’s kids about their fam.’
“You young ones – respect and value and spend time with your grandmother,” [Siggy] says about Michael’s mother, Katherine. “I can’t stress that enough. Because she is such an amazing person. This family is built on grandma. We cannot forget that,” he added.

“You all should know how hard our uncles and aunts worked and how much they sacrificed to provide for us. To make it so we can all have this name and do the things we’re doing, I want you guys to respect that…There are a lot of people that look at us and look what we do…You can change people’s lives…Our dads our uncles, our aunts have proven that…We have to protect our name and we gotta keep our family tight. You guys are the next generation and you have to set that example and keep it going,” the King of Pop’s nephews explain to each other.”

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Blanket Jackson teaching his oldder cousin, Taj (Tito's son) how to ride a hoverboard
Blanket Jackson teaching his older cousin, Taj (Tito’s son) how to ride a hoverboard

It’s a beautiful thing to see Jackie’s son, Siggy, educating MJ’s kids on the impact and the history of their iconic family. It sounds like they’re dedicated to making sure that the Jackson legacy continues.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to watching The Jacksons: The Next Generation when it kicks off on October 2.