Prince’s Rarely Seen BROTHER Pleads w/Court After Estate Did Him DIRTY

Posted On : August 10, 2016

The bank acting as administrators over Prince’s estate, Bremer Trust, has been in the liquidation business as of late…at least when comes to Prince’s 20 real estate properties. But on Monday (8-8-16) Prince’s rarely seen younger brother, Omarr Baker, has just fought back against Bremer after they pulled a fast one on him…


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According to Bremer 'Trust officer, Alison Hauck, Bremer needs the money to pay estimated estate and income tax liabilities and ongoing estate administration bills,' so they told the court that they need to "immediately begin to list and market" Prince's real estate properties "take advantage of the current market." -via NYDaily
Some may not agree with me on this, but no matter how much one might say "Prince's family needs to pay their own damn bills," the fact of the matter is that since Prince did NOT have a problem paying their bills for decades, then in my humble opinion, the estate administrators should NOT have a problem honoring Prince's prior dedication to his fam' and not kick his brother out of his house. fb prince 5-16-16 Prince is earning far more profits than what he was earning prior to death- a sad, but true reality. With a 16% increase in Prince's sales after selling 4.4 million in albums and songs, just 6 days after his passing in April (and it's a LOT more by now), you'd think the estate has more than enough to cover any tax bill, house bill, gas and electric bill, and landscaping responsibilities for Prince's properties...especially since the profits of Prince's music go directly to him (which is now his estate) after he re-gained ownership of his classic music catalog from Warner Bros. in 2014. Hmmm...
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