Prince’s Siblings Lose Heated Battle For His Estate After Judge Scolds Them, But Is It Fair?

Posted On : April 26, 2019

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Prince was an incredible artist, but he sure did leave a mess of his business affairs behind for his siblings to clean up, when he passed away in 2016 without a will. That is not a diss to the icon by far,¬†it’s merely an¬†observation of what is being revealed 3 years after his passing.

The 5 siblings of the “Purple Rain” creator are still going THROUGH it with the court appointed administrators of his estate, Comerica Bank, which took over the estate in 2017. Matter of fact, Prince’s brothers and sisters just lost a lengthy legal battle against Comerica, after trying to gain control of their brother’s finances.

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The siblings took their issues to court, because they accused Comerica of frivolously spending up way too much of Prince’s $200 million estate- $45 million thus far, as stated in their legal filing. They also accused Comerica of rackin’ up major interest fees by allowing ‘$31 million in unpaid taxes that continue to grow with interest.’

What’s even worse, is that the heirs reportedly have yet to receive one red cent of their inheritance, but Comerica’s administrators, on the other hand, are said to have racked up a minimum of $10 MILLION in compensation to date.

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