After Purchase Of $1.8 Million Home, Pastor John Gray Asks Congregation for $250K for Church

Posted On : March 31, 2019
Pastor John Gray and wife, Photo: Twitter

On Top of Weekly Tithes and Offerings?

The church roof is needing repairs in the tune of $250,000, and Relentless Church pastor John Gray has asked his congregation to foot the bill. And guess what, that’s in addition to what’s already collected for weekly tithes and offering.

Just a little background on this situation, Pastor Gray said he inherited millions of dollars in debt when the Relentless Church took over the building from outgoing Pastor Ron Carpenter. He moved his Redemption Church ministry to California after 25 years at the Greensville, South Carolina.

The video that’s starting circulating was from a sermon on February, 10th, where Gray broke down the church’s financial need. But remember this is after, the pastor received tons of backlash after major giving his wife a truck that costs over $200,000! He gave is wife, a brand new Urus, a new truck made by foreign manufacturer Lamborghini. It was a gift for their 8th wedding anniversary celebration. She was literally screaming.

The pastor gave this expensive truck to his wife, after just ahead of the “emotional affair” with is alleged mistress.

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