Q Parker of 112 Owes Tremendous Amount in Back Child Support and Baby Momma Is Not Playing Games

Posted On : May 22, 2019

Q Parker of 112 money troubles has reached new heights. His love child’s mother filed court papers blasting him for being a deadbeat dad and owing six figures in back child support.

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Leah Steele Barnett filed a motion for contempt against the “Cupid” singer last month, complaining that he hasn’t paid the court ordered $2,250 a month in child support since 2006.  According to BOSSIP The debt swelled has up to $266,532, and she said Q wants the judge to step in and force him to pay up.

Barnett said that she and Q had been together off and on for years before their son was born in 2005. Although the married Q denied paternity, two DNA tests court later determined that he was the boy’s father.

While it has been a while since we’ve heard any musical output from the group, the latest news surrounding the group confirms its member Q has been experiencing some financial troubles. Q recently filed for bankruptcy further alleging to only have $1,000 left in his bank account. His home has also been reported to be in foreclosure and the “Anywhere” crooner filed for bankruptcy status shortly afterward.

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