Queen Latifah Once Confessed What She Wanted To Do With A ‘Man’ Intimately, Fans Weren’t Ready

Posted On : February 13, 2021
(L) Queen Latifah; (inset photo) Queen on set of “Set It Off” film

When rap legend/Set It Off OG, Queen Latifah, first stepped onto the scene in the 1989 with her anthem, “Ladies First,” she quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the hip hop game…dominating on the mic, inside of a male dominated sport.

Another attribute of the Queen, is that it was no secret she was never the most ‘girly-girl’ of public figures. She was more like one of the homies; and though she’s never publicly stated she is a lesbian, nor bisexual, she’s been publicly photographed cuddled up with women. That’s why fans were shocked after seeing what she once said about her choice in men.

As truth diggers, here at ILOSM, we did a lil’ diggin’ and unearthed a ’90s Vibe Magazine article, in which Latifah shared what she wanted in a man. Check out the excerpts below.

First Came Queen Latifah’s Revelations…

In the Dec. 1993/Jan. 1994 Vibe article, interviewer, Stefane Sadnaoui, noted that Latifah wanted to discuss her ‘much-overlooked femininity and her “delicate, sensitive” side.’ In doing so, the U-N-I-T-Y raptress touched on the topic of men, babies, her Mother, and her Pops:

“I’ve been wanting to have a baby since I was 17,” Latifah says. “I wanted to do it early like my mother did, so that I could be cool and just have fun and be young enough to swing with the kids and have the energy for ’em like my moms and pops did for us. Just recently I made the decision that I wanted a husband, because I know I’m not gonna be able to swing that pregnancy alone: Soon as i get morning sickness I’m gonna become a b*tch and somebody’s gotta share it with me. And I want them to grown up with a father. I didn’t.” -via Vibe

Peep What Queen Latifah Said About Being With Men Sexually

Queen Latifah

Latifah on the type of man she would like and what she wanted him to do to her:

“Personally I’d like a real dark guy, with beautiful, smooth, shiny chocolate skin, with a nice body,” [Latifah] says. “I need a big guy ‘cuz I’m a big girl and they gotta be able to swing me around and sh*t, carry me around the house. I’ve been with all kinds of guys- never a white guy, though.” Would she ever? “I doubt it. I might hang out with ’em, but I don’t think I would sleep with ’em. I just feel like there’s so many beautiful Black men out there, i don’t really need to. But I have met White guys that have been so cool and so down that it made me think about it, because they just weren’t on that macho sh*t that winds up getting half of our brothers killed.” – via Vibe

Ever had a moment when you thought you knew a person, only to realize that your presumptions were possibly wrong? Yeah…after reading this, I¬†know that feeling too.

A lot can change throughout the years, so it’s uncertain if Latifah still wants a ‘husband’ to “swing” her around. But regardless, we here at ILOSM, couldn’t care less if a person is straight, gay, lesbian, bi, or try-sexual. We instead choose to simply judge one on the content of their character as a human being and thus far, Latifah’s character has proven to be applause-worthy. By the way, be sure to check her out in CBS’ action series, The Equalizer. Keep doing your thang Queen!