Quincy Jones’ Actress Ex-Wife Has Died, Daughters Rashida & Kidada Jones Speak Out

Posted On : May 13, 2019

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We’re sending lots of love and condolences to Quincy Jones, his daughters and their family at this time, after losing the love of their lives, Peggy Lipton. She was the mother of Rashida and Kidada Jones and the last wife Quincy had ever known.

The actress and former model, Lipton, became a mainstream success in the 1960’s as one of the stars of the popular hippie cop series, The Mod Squad and years later, she starred on the TV seres, Twin Peaks.

Daughters Give Details About Lipton’s Passing

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Peggy Lipton passed away from colon cancer on Saturday, May 11 and their two daughters have spoken out about her final journey:

“She made her journey peacefully with her daughters and nieces by her side,” Lipton’s daughters said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “We feel so lucky for every moment we spent with her.”
“We can’t put all of our feelings into words right now, but we will say: Peggy was and will always be our beacon of light, both in this world and beyond,” her daughters said in a statement Saturday. “She will always be a part of us.”

Peggy Lipton Once Spoke About The “Shock” Of Her Cancer Diagnosis
In a 2018 interview with Next Tribe, Peggy and her daughter Rashida detailed the time Peggy was first diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003.

Peggy said she went for a routine doctor’s appointment and felt like a very healthy 50-something year old, “and I was told: You have cancer,” she recalled. “It was a shock, waking up the next morning, knowing my life had changed.”

Rashida, who was living in the same state as her Mom at the time, says they used humor during her chemo sessions to cope with the pain: “We told dumb jokes all day; at one point, I started calling my mom Chemosabe. We had to find joy in the situation,” said Rashida.

Lipton Once Detailed Struggles Of Being In Interracial Marriage With Quincy Jones

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During that same 2018 interview, Peggy Lipton also recalled the difficulties of being in an interracial marriage during a time when it was not the ‘norm,’ so to speak. Quincy and Peggy were married from 1974 to 1990, and it wasn’t always easy for them:

“We are a biracial family and, in the past, it could be ugly out there,” Peggy recalls of her married years. “Wherever Quincy and I went, there was an edge to people’s reactions. We were once stopped by a cop in Beverly Hills simply for what we looked like.”

She also confessed that she’s grateful for her children’s sake, that America has become far more accepting of mixed race unions and biracial people, in spite of the Trump era:

Via NT- “In some ways it’s easier,” she says, because there are not only more biracial families than ever before but more mixed-race families and individuals. Still, “that doesn’t make up for how much racism is still out there” Peggy insists—and how unashamed it is to show its ugly face, with the tacit approval of the current administration.

May Peggy Lipton rest peacefully after a job well done here on earth and may her family find comfort in the beautiful memories they’ve shared with her.