Surprisingly Older Woman Shares Explicit Details Of Sexual Relationship With R. Kelly

Posted On : August 23, 2018

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No matter how hard R. Kelly tries, he just can’t seem to shake all of the disturbing allegations about his life behind closed doors. More than a dozen women from R. Kelly’s past have come forth with eerily similar stories about the alleged emotional and psychological abuse they suffered at the hands of the Grammy Award-winning singer. In July 2018, he released a 19-minute track titled, “I Admit It,” where he denied the sexual and cult allegations in hopes to defend himself and clear his name, but the song has likely made things worse. In response to the song, more people from R. Kelly’s past have surfaced and now another woman is coming forward with her story and it definitely raises more speculation.

Meet Asante McGee:

A 38-year-old woman, named Asante McGee, is the latest to come forward with disturbing claims of abuse about R. Kelly. During an interview with Teen Vogue, she opened up about the silent suffering and exploitation many African American women have been subjected to behind the scenes in the music industry.

Sadly, the disturbing practices are nothing new because it’s reportedly been happening for more than 30 years. McGee offered graphic details about her alleged twisted, whirlwind relationship with R. Kelly. She’d been involved with R. Kelly for more than two years, before she found the courage to walk away.

Like other victims, McGee has described R. Kelly as a ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ type of cat:

“There’s two parts of him. There’s R. Kelly and there’s Robert. Going in, I saw R. Kelly,” McGee told Teen Vogue.

Groupie Sex:

While many of the singer’s other relationships happened in the late 90s and early 2000s, McGee’s situation is a bit different because she says her relationship with him wasn’t very long ago. It has been reported that McGee – who described herself as an R. Kelly “superfan” – first met the singer in September of 2013, through a member of his entourage while he was performing on the Black Panties tour.

Months later, she reconnected with him when he stopped in Baton Rouge, LA for a pre-Valentine’s Day concert. After that show, McGee was invited to R. Kelly’s hotel room and that’s when their physical relationship reportedly started. She revealed the two had “hours of ‘groupie sex,” according to the publication. Although McGee initially thought their time together was a one-night stand, R. Kelly allegedly made a different move the following day, sending her a very expensive gift – a $1,200 Louis Vuitton bag. From there, the relationship evolved relatively quickly, but as they grew closer, McGee claims the abuse worsened.

The singer’s brand of abuse reportedly consisted of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, which ranged from gaslighting and grooming to various forms of sexual exploitation:

“I saw a side of him abusing women mentally, physically and sexually. I knew at that point … I had to go.” McGee recalls. “This was not what I wanted, this is not how I should be treated, and no other woman should be treated that way.”

Preying On Women:

Like many of R. Kelly’s other victims, McGee also noted the infamous nickname he prefers. She, too, was allegedly forced to refer to him as “daddy.” However, the abuse didn’t stop there. She’s revealed there were also sextapes and she claims to have been forced to partake in sexual acts with people she didn’t know:

“He made a phone call, telling someone to ‘come here.’ I hear an internal knock, meaning somebody was on the bus the whole time,” Asante noted. “She comes through [the door] butt-naked and he says ‘B*tch, get on your knees.’ She gets on all fours. He says ‘This is the girl I wanted to introduce you to, the one I made sit in the sprinter in Chicago.’”

She went on to describe the singer’s demeanor and how he commanded an unreasonable level of respect. When she didn’t obey, McGee says, there were harsh punishments:

“I took him very seriously. When he’s joking you know he’s joking. He wasn’t playing. When he said ‘every time a king enters the room, you stand up’ — you stand up,” McGee shared. “I don’t care if he goes back and forth ten times, you better stand up and kiss him each time he comes in and out that room.”

She recalled one night when she was allegedly forced to stay inside of a van and wait for him for more than nine hours, while he recorded his Chocolate Factory album:

“When I got there at 11:00 in the morning, he said his assistant would open the sprinter and let me in. I sat [in the sprinter] and waited ‘till the point I had to use the bathroom,” Asante recalled. “I called and texted him ‘Daddy, l have to use the bathroom.’ I got no response. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I got out and searched for a place to use the bathroom. When I returned to the vehicle, I was tired. I fell asleep. His assistant knocked on the door and says ‘Mr. Kelly said ‘come inside.’ It was 8 o’clock in the evening.”

Standing Her Ground:

Asante McGee admitted that she feels better, now that she’s spoken out about R. Kelly’s allegedly abusive behavior:

“I feel proud that I’m coming out. I’m disappointed, but I can’t be mad about the backlash I get — people saying, ‘she wasn’t abused, she’s lying’ — because I once was that girl,” McGee expressed. “People don’t realize the process and they think I’m just coming out. I was the first person [who had lived as part of Kelly’s alleged harem] to speak [to a reporter] on the record. When I left, my goal was to get the girls home to their parents. I never intended for it to go where it is.”