R. Kelly Files New Legal Claim To Stop Ex-Wife Drea…And She Fires Back

Posted On : July 2, 2019

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R. Kelly is sick n’ tired of the mother of his children, ex-wife Andrea “Drea” Kelly, talking smack about him in public. That’s why he’s now taking new legal actions against her to shut it all the way down. only prob’ for Kellz is that Drea and her attorney have now clapped back with new claims against him of their own.

What R. Kelly & His Attorney Are Now Claiming About Drea…
According to TMZ, R. Kelly done had it up to HERE with Drea talking about him in interviews and on television. In fact, he’s now filed a new legal claim stating that she’s breached a prior agreement they had in place:

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According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … Kelly’s legal team filed a motion alleging the singer’s ex, Drea Kelly, has breached a marital settlement agreement they signed back in January 2009. In it, Drea agreed she would not say a peep about the time they were married.

In docs, Kelly’s team says he wants a judge to order her to not speak about anything related to their marriage. Kelly says they agreed neither would divulge “any account of their private lives, business activities, relationship with each other, marriage or circumstances surrounding the dissolution.”

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