R. Kelly Finally Doing The Right Thing: His Child Support Case Just Got Better

Posted On : May 15, 2019

2019 continues to be a terrible year for R. Kelly. It all began with the graphic documentary Surviving R. Kelly airing in January and was subsequently followed by a mental breakdown during a highly publicized interview with Gayle King in March. Aside from that Kelly has been embroiled in child support drama that seems to be draining his bank account dry. But in an attempt to avoid anymore jail time his legal team has decided to pay the next two installments in advance.

Seems Like He’s Ready…To Pay

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Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly, whose allegations of abuse in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary were some of the most shocking revelations, has been trying to get him to pay what he’s owed her in child support for years. They struck an initial deal of just under $21K a month back in 2009 but Kelly has since fell behind on his payments as of 2018.

Prepays 2 More Months

TMZ reports that on Tuesday afternoon members of his legal team arrived at court to deal with the payments ahead of their scheduled allotment.

The disgraced singer’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, tells TMZ … Kelly’s family attorney, Lisa Damico, appeared in Chicago court Tuesday afternoon and paid $41,666 to cover June and July’s child support payments to his ex-wife,Drea Kelly.

This decision will keep the courts from shaking him down for the money he owes Drea for their three children while he can now focus on his pending sexual misconduct lawsuits. However he’s not completely off the hook yet as there are still more funds he needs to fork over. Or does he?

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