R. Kelly Out Here Begging Media to Take it Easy on Him at His Paid Event

Posted On : April 7, 2019

Obviously, R. Kelly either doesn’t have a publicist, management, or consultant to advise him of what he should or shouldn’t be saying…or he just disregards their advice.  Either way, R. Kelly has got to believe he can fly…even admin the allegations that he sexually abused four women, including three who were minors.


His latest Instagram post will have your scratching your head yet again, because R. Kelly is an an ultimate level of “un-botherness”!.

In his latest post, he said in an Instagram video Saturday:

“Yo, this is your boy Kells and I got an event to do tonight in Springfield, Illinois, so I want the media to take it easy on me, man.”

“This is how I got to get paid for right now,” the R&B star continued. “So if you see me in the club, with a couple of drinks in my hand, and chilling, please, take it easy.”

Well he actually did have an event on Saturday Night, at Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois Saturday night. /Sunday Morning. He didn’t perform but talked to the patrons. Some of them even hugged him and took selfies.

Kelly even pulled out a stogie as he interacted with the crowd. See both videos next…

Take It Easy

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