R. Kelly Tries To Make People Understand Why Child Support Unpaid

Posted On : March 11, 2019

It is being reported that R. Kelly says that he did not pay child support because his wife did turned his kids against him. Recently Kelly was sent back to jail for not paying child support and his rational for it is puzzling. To say that his wife is the cause of him not paying child support seems to contradict what he said in his recent CBS interview.

His Desire

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Why would he say in his interview with Gayle King on CBS that he was fighting to have a relationship with his kids? Kelly said “I am fighting to have a relationship with my kids most of all more than anything. They love me and I love them too”. Kelly has 3 children. “I want a relationship with my kids cause I have missed a lot of years of their life”. When he was asked if he believed that his children wanted a relationship with him he said quickly “I bet my breath on it”.

Speaking Of Brainwashed

It is said that he has tried to have a relationship with his kids but he says his ex-wife has “brainwashed them”. And has ruined any chance for them to maintain a relationship with them.

“We broke the story … Kelly owes Drea over $160k in back child support, and he was begging the court for a reduction so he could get out of jail. Of course, Kelly coughed up the bare minimum — $161,633 – on Saturday, and walked out of jail a free man again. Sources close to the singer tell us he scraped the cash together with the help of a “benefactor.” He assured his fans Saturday that “we’re gonna straighten all this out.” TMZ

It was reported by TMZ that Kelly was supposed to be paying $20,833 from January 2009 till now to his wife Andrea Kelly. But in recent years it has been said that R. Kelly and his wife haven’t been communicating due to the two were involved in a disagreement. The two met back in 2017 and R. Kelly’s camp said that they have not spoken. Ms. Kelly was then said to have allegedly changed her phone number and prevented her children from speaking with their father. His ex said that was not true. Instead she alleged R. Kelly was abusive because she said the kids father stopped communicating with her and used as a way to control her.